Downtime caused by computer Crashes
is any business owner's nightmare. It is preventable. If you can't afford the services of a Technician to do a periodic tune up, invest in a software to backup your entire hard drive. Norton ghost and  Powerquest Driveimage are quite reputable.

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Beware of FREE Help!
That pop up window offering to detect Spyware and remove it, can be too tempting. But they themselves are clever fraud artists masked as good Samaritans. Not only that they don't clean your computer, but also they plant more Spyware. Here is an up to date list of such offenders. 

The ever expanding universe of Hard Drive space
Wasn't it just a decade ago Hard drives boasted of their capacity in Megabytes? Now with Digital camera pictures and videos stored in computers, our greed for hard drive capacity is unquenchable. And the latest winner of the battle for the best jumbo hard drive is Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 (ST3400832A) 400 GB Hard Drive. 

Battle of the DVD Burners
Finally, DVD burners under $50 are hitting store shelves. A DVD burner will let you store 7 CDs worth of data on a blank DVD and thatís a good enough reason to get one. If you believe the advertising, you are all set to transfer your home movies into DVDs. Not so fast! Especially if you plan to edit your videos and add music. To handle the gigabyte size files generated by videos, we need not only tremendous processing power, but also huge storage space. 

If your early DVD adventures produce a few wasted blanks, donít despair. What is missing is the computerís ability to feed the jumbo size video data in a smooth stream into the DVD burner. Hereís a checklist of things which will help: 
1. Remove all the clutter by deleting the temp files and temporary Internet files, uninstalling or disabling unwanted programs that run in the background, 
2. Defragment the hard drive just before burning the DVD, 3. Install a second hard drive to store the digitized video, and even a third one if you have an extensive library of Sound effects and Background Music that you want to add to your movies, and 4. Leave the computer alone while burning the DVD; donít run any programs until the disc is out.